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The pieces printed were all presented at the inaugural art exhibition 

"Reflecting Beauty" by J.Monroe in Brooklyn, NY. 

Biding ends October 10, 2022 at 5pm.

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Reflecting Beauty is a visually  immersive art experience that will be passionately curated by its creator, J.Monroe in Brooklyn, New York. Attendees should expect to be captivated by a strategically selected collection of images, which the artist endearingly refers to as “The Garden.”


Displayed works will include current visuals, spectacularly re-imagined archived photos, and reveals of never-before-seen images exclusive to this event.


The exhibition’s title, Reflecting Beauty, is
inspired by Monroe’s own emotional attachment
to photographing and capturing the beauty of Black individuals. With his recognizable signature style of editing, he masterfully manipulates hues, shadows, highlights, and more to paint a story well beyond the 1,000 words that a picture typically tells.


Upon review, the young visionary sees his own artistic growth with every shoot he finishes. It causes him to reflect on his own journey and the obstacles he fought too overcome in order to become the version of Monroe that we know today. The most rewarding feeling for the host would be knowing that the guests of Reflecting Beauty leave with a more beautiful perspective and

self-reflection of themselves.