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Tulle Rose

Title: The Rose

24x36 Print



Ft. Steph (@damnshetall )

MUA: @senscanvas 

Hair: @dhairiusnyc 

Stylist: @thereeljanedoe ( Dress @maeparisofficial)

Assitant: @thejclub_ 


This photoshoot takes center stage in the series 'Tulle Rose.' Returning from LA after filming a reality show for Hulu, Monroe found inspiration flowing after (spoiler alert) becoming the first competitor to be eliminated. Eager to channel this surge of creativity, Monroe dove back into photography, capturing the entire lifecycle of a rose – from seed to a fully blossomed Red Rose, uniquely crafted from tulle. The series resonates with him on a profound level, echoing Monroe's journey on the show while intertwining with his experiences as an artist and a human.

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