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Tulle Rose

Title: The Rose

40x60 Print



Ft. Steph (@damnshetall )

MUA: @senscanvas 

Hair: @dhairiusnyc 

Stylist: @thereeljanedoe ( Dress @maeparisofficial)

Assitant: @thejclub_ 


This shoot was the center piece for the Series “Tulle Rose”.  After I had returned back from LA from filming a reality show for Hulu. He had so much inspiration bottled up from being(spoiler alert) the first competitor to be eliminated! I jumped back into shooting to express all that I had just experienced.  It shows the process of a roses lifespan as it goes from a seed, to a full blossoming Red Rose— made of tulle. It resonated with me on a deeper level, and spoke to his experience on the show; while also wrapping into my experience as an artist and human.

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